Hospital Shield Plus

Hospital Shield Plus

10 year plan that provides up to RM300 hospitalisation daily income

This is an auto renewable 10 year protection plan that provides a fixed daily hospitalisation income up to RM300 when you are hospitalised, and 2X if you are hospitalised due to cancer.

Premium from

RM 16/Month

10 years
16 - 65 years old

What's Covered

  • RM100 - RM300 Hospitalisation daily income
  • 200% daily income benefit if due to cancer
  • Auto renewable 2x without underwriting

What's not covered

  • Pre-existing illnesses
  • Suicide, attempted suicide or intentionally self-inflicted Injury
  • Any treatment or surgical operation for congenital conditions
  • Sickness or injury arising from hazardous sports and illegal activities
  • Private flying other than as a fare-paying passenger in any commercial airlines

The list above is non exhaustive, please refer to the Product Disclosure Sheet and Policy Wordings for full coverage and policy exclusions.

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Hospitalisation Daily Income
RM 100
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RM 300
Hospitalisation Daily Income due to Cancer
RM 200
RM 400
RM 600
RM 0.0
RM 0.0
RM 0.0

Frequently asked questions

Hospital Shield Plus is a non-participating plan that provides a fixed daily hospitalisation income when Life Assured is hospitalised. This plan does not include, where applicable, any savings or investment elements.

Pre-existing Illness means disabilities which existed prior to the Issue Date, Alteration Effective Date or Reinstatement Date of this Policy whichever is the latest and that the Life Assured has reasonably knowledge of. A Life Assured may be considered to have reasonably knowledge of a pre-existing condition where the condition is one for which:

  1. the Life Assured had received or is receiving treatment;

  2. medical advice, diagnosis, care or treatment has been recommended;

  3. clear and distinct symptoms are or were evident; or

  4. its existence would have been apparent to a reasonable person in the circumstances

Yes, there are circumstances when a claim will be denied. For example, if the individual was diagnosed with specified illnesses such as hypertension during the Waiting Period (the first 120 days after the policy takes effect), the Hospitalisation Daily Income Benefit claim would not be admissible. For a detailed list of exclusions, please refer to the Product Disclosure Sheet and Policy Wordings.