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Notice of legal terms of access, disclaimers and reservation of intellectual property rights.

Privacy Policy


This Notice on Personal Data is issued pursuant to the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”) to all individuals dealing with HLA (“Relevant Person(s)”), from whom personal data have been and/or may in future be collected. The term “personal data” refers to information relating directly or indirectly to the Relevant Persons from which they can be identified or are identifiable and includes any sensitive personal data and expression of opinion about them.

1. Collection of personal data

In order to provide or offer to provide the Relevant Persons with facilities/services/products from HLA, it is necessary for the Relevant Persons to supply HLA with personal data on themselves or persons named in the Relevant Persons’ application or proposal for the facilities/services/products. Such personal data which may be collected from the Relevant Persons include the Relevant Persons’ name, NRIC number/passport number (if the Relevant Person is not a Malaysian), address(es), email address, contact numbers, employment information, financial information, personal information including medical information, information on the Relevant Persons’ immediate relatives and personal information about such immediate relatives and where applicable, information on the Relevant Persons’ directors, shareholders, authorized signatories or such other persons specified by HLA in connection with the provision of the facilities/services/products, which includes personal information about such persons. Such personal data may be provided by the Relevant Persons or the Relevant Persons’ beneficiary(ies) or may be obtained by HLA from publicly available sources, from existing HLA records, from any medical or health professionals or establishments or laboratories, from any credit reference agency or from any other sources as HLA considers appropriate.

2. Consequences of not providing personal data

If the Relevant Persons do not provide the personal data which HLA has advised as mandatory or required to be given, this may result in HLA being unable to provide the facilities/services/products applied for or proposed.

3. Purpose of collecting personal data

HLA respects the privacy of the Relevant Persons’ personal data and the personal data provided by the Relevant Persons shall be used or processed by HLA or on its behalf for the following purposes:

a) the daily operation of the insurance services provided to the Relevant Persons including but not limited to:

(i) processing and evaluating the Relevant Persons’ applications;
(ii) administering and providing services in relation to the insurance products;
(iii) investigating and processing claims;
(iv) invoicing and collecting premiums; and
(v) contacting the Relevant Persons for any of the above purposes,

b) carrying out matching procedures;

c) ensuring the Relevant Persons’ on going credit worthiness;

d) researching, designing, launching banking, financial, insurance services or related products for the Relevant Persons’ use and monitoring the provision, operation and use of such services or products;

e) marketing services (including direct marketing), products, publicity materials and other subjects;

f) determining amounts owed to or by the Relevant Persons;

g) the enforcement of the Relevant Persons’ obligations, including without limitation collection of amounts outstanding from the Relevant Persons;

h) complying with the obligations, requirements or arrangements for disclosing and using data that apply to HLA or that it is expected to comply according to:

(i) any law binding or applying to it within or outside Malaysia existing currently and in the future;
(ii) any guidelines or guidance given or issued by any legal, regulatory, governmental, tax, law enforcement or other authorities, or self-regulatory or industry bodies or associations of insurance services providers within or outside Malaysia existing currently and in the future;
(iii) any present or future contractual or other commitment with local or foreign legal, regulatory, governmental, tax, law enforcement or other authorities, or self- regulatory or industry bodies or associations of insurance services providers that is assumed by or imposed on HLA by reason of its business or other interests or activities in or related to the jurisdiction of the relevant local or foreign legal, regulatory, governmental, tax, law enforcement or other authority, or self- regulatory or industry bodies or associations;

i) complying with any obligations, requirements, policies, procedures, measures or arrangements for sharing data and information within the Hong Leong Group and/or any other use of data and information in accordance with any group-wide programmes for compliance with sanctions or prevention or detection of money laundering, terrorist financing or other unlawful activities;

j) to enable a party to evaluate any actual or proposed assignment, transfer, participation, sub-participation and/or novation of HLA’s rights and/or obligations;

k) to enable the management, development and or administration of HLA’s agency force;

l) provision of reference (status enquiries);

m) to allow HLA, HLA’s related and/or affiliated companies, service providers and business partners to promote their products and services;

n) for audit and risk management;

o) for any transfer or proposed transfer of any part of HLA’s interests, obligations, business and/or operations;

p) for such other purposes as permitted by applicable law or with the Relevant Person’s consent; 

q) for evaluation and due diligence purposes;

r) in connection with corporate restructuring or re-organisation including, but not limited to, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, consolidation, amalgamation, joint ventures, formation of partnerships, voluntary liquidation and takeovers; and

s) for all other purposes incidental and associated with any of the above.

4. Disclosure of personal data

The personal data provided by the Relevant Persons or which will be provided by the Relevant Persons in respect of the facilities/services/products may be disclosed by HLA to the following parties, within or outside Malaysia:

a) any financial institution granting or intending to grant any credit/financing facilities to the Relevant Persons, the Central Credit Bureau or any other central credit bureau established by Bank Negara Malaysia, Cagamas Berhad, Dishonoured Cheques Information System, Credit Guarantee Corporation Malaysia Berhad, any other relevant authority as may be authorized by law to obtain such information, authorities/agencies established by Bank Negara Malaysia and/or any other person as may be authorised by law or any governmental authority and/or regulatory authority and/or any industry related association;

b) any insurance company, takaful operators, re-insurance company, re-takaful operators, insurance broking company, takaful broking company and any association or federation of insurance companies, takaful operators, re-insurance companies, re-takaful operators, insurance broking companies, takaful broking companies (whether or not based in Malaysia);

c) any person under a duty of confidentiality to HLA or to companies related to or affiliated to HLA;

d) companies related to or affiliated to HLA (whether such company operates in Malaysia or elsewhere);

e) any of Relevant Person’s security providers or any party intending to provide security in respect of the facilities/services /products applied for or proposed;

f) HLA’s auditors, solicitors and/or other agents, and to doctors, medical specialists, hospitals and clinics in connection with HLA’s facilities/services/products;

g) HLA’s professional advisers, medical advisors, claims investigators, service providers, nominees, agents, contractors or third party service providers who are involved in the provision of facilities/products/ services to or by HLA and its related or associated companies;

h) any person or corporation to whom HLA assigns or proposes to assign, transfers or proposes to transfer, novates or proposes to novate, any part of its interests, obligations, business or operations;

i) any third party financial institutions, insurers, credit card companies, securities and investment service providers;

j) any external service providers (including but not limited to mailing houses, telecommunication companies, telemarketing and direct sales agents, call centres, data processing companies and information technology companies) that HLA engages for the purposes set out in paragraph 3(e) above;

k) any nominee, trustee, co-trustee, centralised securities depository or registrar, custodian, estate agent, solicitor or other person who is involved with the provision of services or products by a member of the Hong Leong Group to that Relevant Person;

l) any credit reference agency or debt collection agencies;

m) any person to whom HLA is required by applicable legal, governmental or regulatory requirements to make disclosure; or to any other person reasonably requiring the same in order for HLA to carry out the activities set out in the above purposes.

5. Accuracy of personal data

To help HLA provide a better service to the Relevant Persons, please ensure that the personal data of such Relevant Persons such as contact details, including the Relevant Persons’ home and office addresses, contact numbers (including mobile numbers), email address and other details registered with HLA are up to date.

6. Right to access and correct personal data

If the Relevant Persons wish to request for access to or correction of the Relevant Persons’ personal data held by HLA, please contact HLA by:

a) accessing HLA’s website at www.hla.com.my; or

b) forwarding the Relevant Persons’ request to HLA’s Data Protection Officer at 03-76501660 (telephone number ) , 03-76501817 (Fax Number) or by way of email to customerservice@hla.hongleong.com.my

Any inquiries or complaints should also be addressed to the Data Protection Officer.

7. Other information

If the Relevant Person does not want HLA to use his/her personal data in direct marketing as described above, please notify HLA in writing. No fee will be charged. HLA may amend this Notice on Personal Data at any time by way of notification at the HLA website or such other appropriate means as determined by HLA.