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Life insurance provides you or your nominee with emergency funds should something happen to you. At HLATOUCH, we provide a full range of products to fulfill your needs such as life coverage, hospitalization, cancer and accidental.

To find out the right life insurance cover for you and the premiums you can afford, simply enter your age, gender and select the right plan choice. 

All applications are subject to underwriting review. We will inform you if your application is approved or declined.

We recommend that you try out the Life Insurance Needs Calculator to determine how much coverage you might need to meet your family’s financial needs if anything happened to you.

Yes, we’ve kept it simple and convenient for you. All you need to do is to select the plan you’re interested in and answer a few simplified underwriting questions truthfully. All products showed in HLA Touch do not require any medical examinations.

Select the product you’re interested in, enter your age, gender and premium payment frequency to get a quote. Finally, complete your purchase by following the checkout process. 

No, we are only offering individual policies at the moment. 

Yes, all HLA Touch products are fixed premium plans.

All of our plans are only valid for Malaysian residents who possess a Malaysian National Registration Identity Card Number (NRIC).

Individuals above the age of 16 and below the age of 60 are eligible to purchase plans directly from HLA Touch.

All plans available at HLA Touch are simplified plans with standard rates. No loading will be imposed, and if we cannot accept you at a standard rate, your case will be declined.

HLA will not increase your premiums according to your health status after you buy a policy. However, the premiums are fixed, and HLA reserves the right to revise the rates.

All of the plans offered through HLA Touch have rates that do not depend on the smoking status.

It depends on the plan you purchase. Please refer to the specific product’s features to understand the full benefits.

You are eligible for tax relief up to a total of RM6,000 subject to the approval of the Inland Revenue Board.

Yes, you can purchase multiple plans from HLA Touch subject to coverage limits, please refer to full product benefits and terms & conditions. 

You should ensure that your existing policies meet your current financial needs and lifestyle. It is important to ensure that you are adequately covered for any major life events such as getting married or having children. This is to ensure that your loved ones can continue with the same lifestyle should anything unfortunate happen to you. 

Even if you have coverage that is provided by your employer, it may be insufficient. It can also be terminated when you change jobs or retire. 

While it might be tempting to put off your life insurance purchase, we believe it is beneficial to commit now because you could find yourself paying more for the same amount of life insurance coverage as you grow older.
Furthermore, your health condition may change, making it difficult to get coverage later. Finally, any delay could leave your family financially vulnerable, should anything unfortunate happen to you.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return your policy to HLA within 15 days of receiving your policy contract to get a full refund of the premiums paid. If you cancel your policy after 15 days, a penalty fee, which differs from plan to plan, will be imposed.
You may want to think carefully before deciding to cancel your policy as it means you and your family will lose the protection the plan offers.

Please email our Customer Service at customerservice@hla.hongleong.com.my and provide the following information if available: your transaction number, reference number, policy number and a description of the errors or mistakes.

It’s still in-force. All you need to do is to update us with your personal details (for example occupation and country of living) while making your premium payment in Malaysian Ringgit (RM). You may pay through a Malaysian bank account or via credit card. 

You may download the nomination form in the forms page, print out the soft copy and submit the completed form at our nearest branch. You can also mail the form to: Policy Administration Department, Level 3A, Tower B, PJ City Development, No. 15A, Jln 219, Seksyen 51A, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Once the full premium is received and the application is accepted by us, your policy will be issued and the policy contract will be sent via email to the email address you have provided during online application.