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The claim forms can be downloaded on our form page.

To submit your claims, please refer to the steps below or proceed to FAQ for additional information related to claims, or refer to this claims diagram.

Step 1
Submit your claim notification through HLA 360 or Contact your agent or customer service to notify claim within 14 days from event date.

Step 2
Complete the required forms and attach any relevant documents. You can obtain the forms directly from any Hong Leong Assurance (HLA) branch, from your servicing agent or download them through HLA corporate website.

Step 3
Submit the completed forms and relevant documents to your agent, HLA Head Office or nearest branch.

Once a claim notification has been submitted to us, we will assess it and determine should we require further claim documents. We will then notify you in writing and send the claim requirement letter.

Certification of documents as “Original Sighted” can be done by Solicitors, HLA Head Office and Branch Executives/Managers, or the Commissioner for Oaths.

Original bills and receipts are required for a medical reimbursement claim. However, should the original receipts/bills be lost/misplaced, kindly make a Statutory Declaration of the Loss of Original Receipt/Bill before the Commissioner for Oaths and return it with a certified true copy of the receipts/bills by the issuing party.

You may check your claim status through one of the following options:

  • Contact Customer Service Hotline at 03-7650 1288.
  • Contact the branch where you submitted your claim documents or any HLA branch nationwide.
  • ​Send an email to customerservice@hla.hongleong.com.my.

Should you be dissatisfied with the claim decision, you may write in to appeal with the relevant supporting documents for us to reassess and review your claim.

The claim cheque will be issued to the rightful payee based on the following categories and priority:
Living claim  i.e. Total & Permanent Disability claim, Cancer claim, Hospitalisation Benefit claim

  1. Policyholder

  2. Absolute assignee

  3. Executor or administrator of the estate of the policyholder, if the policyholder dies before he cashes the cheque.

Death claim – Life Assured and Policy Owner are the same person

  1. Assignee

  2. With nomination

    1. Competent nominee for both trust (applicable to non-Muslims only) and non-trust nominee.

    2. If the nominee is a trust nominee who is incompetent to contract, pay to the appointed trustee; if there is no appointed trustee, pay to the parent of the incompetent nominee as presumed trustee.

    3. If the nominee is a non-trust nominee who is incompetent to contract, pay to Public Trustee or a trust company nominated by the policyholder or obtain a Letter of Administration or Grant of Probate.

  3. Without nomination

    1. Pay to policyholder’s spouse, child and parent in accordance with Distribution Act provided that the policyholder never leaves a Will.

    2. If policyholder leaves a Will, pay in accordance with Grant of Probate.

    3. If no Will, no spouse, no child and no parent, pay in accordance with Letter of Administration.

Death claim – Life Assured and Policy Owner are different persons

  1. Absolute assignee

  2. Policyholder

  3. Executor or administrator of the estate of the policyholder, if the policyholder dies before he/she encashes the cheque

For major claims not involving unit redemption, the claim payment will be ready 7 working days from the date the last document was gathered and investigation completed. Major claims include: Death claim, Dread Disease claim, Old Age Disablement claim and Total & Permanent Disability claim.
For minor claims, the claim payment will be ready 6 working days from the date the last document was gathered and investigation completed. Minor claims include Hospitalisation Benefit claims and Personal Accident.

Direct Credit/E-Payment is defined as a payment made via direct deposit into the rightful payee’s bank account. Should you wish to change the method of payment to Direct Credit/E-Payment, please provide the documents as listed below:

  1. Duly completed Direct Credit/E-Payment Form.

  2. A photocopy of your Bank Statement or Bank Passbook.

  3. The original sighted copy of your NRIC (for Malaysian citizens) or passport (for foreigner).

Note: Hong Leong Assurance reserves the right to request for other documents if necessary for the Direct Credit/E-Payment transaction.

  • Secure – The possibility of your funds being misplaced, stolen, lost, or expired will no longer be an issue.

  • Convenient – It removes the need to deposit cheques at a bank as the payment will be credited directly into the payee’s account.

  • Fast – Funds will be available by the next working day after the payment instruction has been sent to the bank. The regulator is currently working with all banks to implement same day settlement.

Yes, you just have to submit a new Direct Credit/E-Payment Form.

If funds cannot be credited into the claimant’s bank account due to, for example, incorrect bank account number, a closed or inactive bank account, the claim payment will be issued via cheque to avoid unnecessary delays to the payment process.

The payee has to provide an official letter from Malaysia’s Department of Insolvency to allow payment to the rightful debtor or payee.