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Frequently asked questions

HLA Stackable is a series of products that is designed to provide affordable and flexible life protection coverage from only RM5 per year. Each term policy has a limit of RM5,000 sum assured and you have the option of purchasing multiple policies whenever you need, up to RM20,000 per life or together with a series of Accidental riders for enhanced coverage.​

This plan does not have any cash value nor include, where applicable, any savings or investment elements.

On top of the basic life protection plan, HLA Stackable is also available package with riders such as Accidental Death, Accidental Total & Permanent Disability and Accidental Hospital Income. 

Each rider package will be available up to sum assured of RM5,000 per policy, with flexibility to purchase additional policies at a later stage whenever you need, up to a combined coverage of RM20,000 per life.

Each HLA Stack policy is effective for a coverage period of 1 year, as an example, if you have purchased RM1,000 life protection on Jan 2020, and another RM5,000 life protection on May 2020; your effective coverage illustrated simply would be as below: 

Jan - Apr 2020: RM1,000 life coverage
May - Dec 2020: RM6,000 life coverage
Jan 2021 - Apr 2021: RM5,000 life coverage