Active Lifestyle Protector

Active Lifestyle Protector

Life, accidental and daily hospitalisation income coverage plan for the adventurous

This is a 5 year life insurance plan that provides life coverage, as well as daily hospitalisation income, loss of travel documents and emergency medical evacuation and repatriation benefits.

Premium from

RM 30/Month

5 years
16 - 50 years old

What's Covered

  • Death benefit up to RM10,000, and 500% if due to accidental
  • Up to RM300 daily hospitalisation income benefit
  • 2X above benefits if due to overseas event
  • Up to RM3,000 for loss of travel documents
  • RM250,000 emergency medical evacuation and repatriation

What's not covered

  • Death due to suicide within 12 months
  • Engaging in any aerial activities, professional sports or racing of any kind
  • Self-inflicted injury, suicide or attempted suicide, or being under the influence of drugs/ narcotics/ alcohol of any kind
  • Hospitalisation due to pre-existing illness, 

The list above is non exhaustive, please refer to the Product Disclosure Sheet and Policy Wordings for full coverage and policy exclusions.

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Plan Choice:

Death Benefit

RM 5,000 

RM 10,000 

Accidental Death Benefit

RM 25,000

RM 50,000

Daily Hospitalisation Income

RM 150

RM 300

Loss of Travel Document

RM 1,500

RM 3,000

Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation

RM 250,000

RM 250,000

No Claim Bonus

70% return on premium paid

100% return on premium paid

RM 0.0
RM 0.0

Frequently asked questions

Living on the go and chasing your dreams comes with risks and also unknown hazards. Be it for work or leisure, in Malaysia or overseas, have peace of mind while you are on the move as we provide you coverage against some of the perils you might encounter with your active lifestyle.

The Daily Hospitalisation Income Benefit will be payable upon admission to a hospital in Malaysia or any country overseas for a minimum period of 6 continuous hours per admission as a result of a disability that is medically necessary, up to a maximum of 730 days per Any One Disability for hospitals in Malaysia and a maximum of 30 days per Any One Disability for hospitals overseas.

“Any One Disability” means all disabilities arising from the same cause or condition including any and all complications arising there from. If the Life Assured completely recovers and remains free from further treatment for such disability (including drugs, medicines, special diet, injections or medical advice) for a continuous period of at least 90 days following the latest date of discharge, any subsequent disability from the same cause or condition shall be considered as though it was a new disability.